Betrajak Khalihom New Song

Nawal El Zoghby was the guest of Star Academy 7 during its Prime 5. Wadih El Saffi was the other guest.

Nawal sang her gulf song Mona Eina with the students Rahma and Asma.

Nawal New Song Betrajak t Khalihon also known as Fawe Jrouhi was released for the first time during Star Academy Prime 5.

Watch the video of this new nawal song for 2010 and read the lyrics of Betrajak

The words of the new song are very touching, pilule
the song is dedicated to her children, thumb and is a shout to her husband to let her keep her children with her. The word of the song Betrajak goes like this:
Mish Rejouleh Enak Takhod Menni Rouhi.
Mish Botouli Mennak Temshe Foue Jrouhi
Baddak Terhal 3ade Bas Etrekli Weladi
Betrajak Tekhalehon Shou Zambon Ta Neizehon
Jayee Teharebni Fihon Ana Kermaloon Dahayt

Alamton Houbbak Menni, therapy
Narak Hawalta Janneh Laken Ma Tehlem Eni Feek Byejmaani Bait

Now enjoy the video of the song Betrajak Khalehom.

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