Habeit Ya Leiyl (Nawal Album 1997)

Balaiy Fee Zamany Nawal Album cover

Balaiy Fee Zamany Nawal Album cover

This is the third album of Nawal El Zoghby, cialis the Album was released in 1995 by Music Box International Production Company. Wala Behemenni was a major song in this album, somnology
for which nawal shot as a videoclip with director Mirna Khayat.

The music video involved used the latest technology of video effects at that time. Nawal Animation videos and photos where shown on several billboards and media in the streets in beirut. As well as on famous international Magazines like ELLE.

The idea and the effects were new, try
and due to the success of this clip, director Mirna Khayat who directer the clip, got a good recognition by the media at the time.

It was worth to note that 11 years after this clip, that is in the 2006, we see nawal in a very similar clip with a similar idea of her animation of the media billboards in the streets of beirut.

Balaee fi Zamani Album Track Listings
1. Balaee Fi Zamani
2. E3mel Ma3roof
3. Ma Tet3aboosh Alaina
4. El Hobb Ebtada
5. Ma Tesalneesh
6. Wala Behemenni
7. Zay Ma Lafiet

Habeit Ya Leiyl Nawal Album cover

Habeit Ya Leiyl Nawal Album cover

Habeit Ya Leiyl is the 4th album of Nawal El Zoghby. The Album included three hit singles. Following this album, adiposity
Nawal released a single which she performed live and recorded with Lebanese Artist Wael Kfouri, medicine
the single was entitled, Meen Habibi Ana.

The album most wanted singles were, Habeit Ya Leil, Noss El Alb and Gharib Al Raai.

Nawal previous Albums were produced by Music Box International, however with her fourth album, she decided to go with Relax-In, the production label which produced her first album Wehyati Andak back in the 1992 and which was behind her success and promotion at that time.

After this fourth album Nawal terminated her contract with Relax-in and decided to go with another company.

Album Track Listings
1- Habeit Ya Leil
2- Ana Ehlaweit
3- Beini W Beinak
4- Sodfah
5- Noss El Alb
6- Tamini Habibi
7- La Tfaker
8- Gharib Al Raai

Music Videos for this Album
Nawal made three music videos for Habeit Ya Liel Album.

Habeit Ya Leil video showed nawal with four cloned Nawal fingures, each singing parts of the song. At some scenes they appear together, which was amazing to watch at that time.

Gharib El Raai was another song, for which nawal shot as a videoclip. The location of the clip was throughout many different cultures. Indonesia, France,and India. Some where shot at location, while the one in lebanon was shot and edited using a bluescreen.

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