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Nawal El Zoghby photograph

Nawal El Zoghby photograph

Nawal Zoghby Biography
Nawal George El Zoghby, drugs also known over the web as Nawal Al Zoghbi, Nawal El Zoughby, Nawal Al Zoughbi was born on 29th of June 1972 in Lebanon.

Nawal is an Arabic Music Diva singer with a huge history in music. Nawal Zoghby is widely known across the arab countries, parts of Europe and North America.

Biography & Facts about Nawal Zoghbi

Nawal El Zoghby Early days started in the days during the War in Lebanon. Out of the war she emerged to give hope to an dying country.

Nawal began her carreer at the young of twenty, She was young but she knew exactly what she wanted and her strong will and her self pride made her conquer her dreams.

Her family appreciated the fact that her singing became her great hobby, and that I was talented. Later they became concerned when they realized that Nawal wanted Music to be her life and career.

“When I am singing, I feel that I am no more Nawal, I am transformed into a butterfly that is free and happy,” she says, ” when I feel that my audience is happy, I get my greatest reward,” nawal adds.

“I want to touch the people’s hearts, when I am on stage.” she says. “My Lebanese audience prefers upbeat rythms that they can dance on” she adds

Nawal released her first album titled “Wehyati Andak” in 1992, when she returned to her birth city, Beirut, after a two-year singing in the Gulf countries.

In the years that followed Nawal launched of eight other albums [see full discography].

Nawal takes herself seriously, she is concerned about what is happening in the Arabic music scene. This is her secret to the creation of new and original music. Nawal is simply a talented butterfly with passion toward a contemporary style of music, often melding music from different parts of the world, salsa, samba, mixed with Eastern and Oriental tunes.

Intersts and Influences
Nawal admits to being influenced strongly by old music from legendary singers like Um Kulthoum. She feels happy to praise her favorite Western singers. “I love Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston for their powerful voices and entertainment talents,” she confides.

“I always practice on my voice training. I take vocal lessons and perform voice exercises at least four times weekly. I think this should be a priority to every singer” adds Nawal.

Nawal patriotic spirit has lead her to release a song dedicated to Jerusalem. “I have strong feelings towards the relentless violence in the middle east, I felt the need to do something, so I made this song,” she says.

Nawal performed at a party in Cairo sponsored by First Lady Suzanne Mubarak, and the guest list included many of the wives of Arab leaders and many generous donations were extended during that event, The ticket revenue of the concert was put towards the Intifadah.

Nawal also participated in a group patriotic song called “Ya Omati” along with other singers from the arab world. Nawal also sang for the liberation of south Lebanon with several Lebanese singers, in a song called “Hikayt Watan” that was played manytimes during the day on LBC.

Nawal hobbies are Swimming, Tennis, Reading, Cooking and Shopping. She mostly likes Arab star Omar El Sharif and International stars like, Julia Roberts, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez.

Her priorities are her Family and Music.

Nawal loves watching T.V., eating Italian And Chinese Food, and loving her Daughter, Tia.

Also she loves:
- Having A lot Of People around her.
- Prayers.
- Her Husband.
- The Sun, She Loves The Sunshine.
- Her Career Goal Is To Become An International Singer.

- Wehiaty Endak (1992)
- Ayza El Radd (1994)
- Balaiy Fee Zamany (1995)
- Min Habibi Ana “Single Dueto” (1995)
- Habeit Ya Leiyl (1997)
- Mandam Aliek (1998)
- Malom (1999)
- El Layali (2000)
- Toul Omri (2001)
- Eli Timaneto (2002)
- Eneik Kadabin (2004)
- Yama Allo (2006)

Nawal El Zoghby had many Live Performances in the following countries:
- USA (Boston, Atlantic City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Washington And San Francisco)
- Canada (Montreal, Ottawa And Toronto)
- Australia (Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne)
- London.
- Paris, Cannes.
- Sweden.
- Germany.
- Middle East And North Africa (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Tunis, Libya And Morocco)

Other Big Concerts done in:
- Paris (Bercy)
- Germany (Essen)
- Lebanon (Dhour Chweir, Forum, Beirut Hall, Faraya, Meyrouba, Ehden, Deir El Kamar, Jounieh, Achrafieh)
- Tunis (Cartage)
- Egypt (Marina)
- Jordan (Jarash)

Video Clips include
- Aisa El Radd
- Balaeyh Fy Zamany
- Wala By Hemeny
- Noss El Alb
- Habet Ya Leyl
- Gharib El Ray
- Ana Hlawet
- Mandam Alek
- Galbi Dag
- Ala Baly
- Malom
- Tia
- Dalouna
- El Layali
- Toul Omri
- Be3enak
- Rohi Ya Rohi
- Shoo Akhbarak

- In 1997,’Lions’ Award For The Best Singer In 351 Lebanon And Jordan.
- In 1997, She Was Awarded For ‘Best Singer’ In Lebanon.
- In 1998, She Was Awarded ‘Best Singer’ In The UAE.
- In 1999, She Was Awarded ‘First Arabic Singer’.
- In 2000, Best Lebanon Singer (Lebanon)
- In 2000, Best Arabic Singer (Egypt)
- In 2004, Nawal Win Arab Music Award : Best Female Singer Overall Best Song.
- In 2004, Best Arabic Singer (Egypt)
- In 2004, Best Album – Best Lebanon Singer (Lebanon)
- In 2005, Best Arabic Singer (Egypt)
- In 2006, Best Female Singer award by AUST (Lebanon)

Full Name: Nawal George Al Zoghby.
Date of Birth: 29th June 1972.
Horoscope Sign: Cancer.
Place of Birth: Jebiel, Lebanon.
Usual Place of residence: Beirut.
Husband: Elie Deeb.
Kids: Tia (eldest), Boy Twins (Joey,George).
Siblings: The eldest of 2 brothers (Marsel & Dany) and 1 sister (Bola).
Total Albums: 12 Albums.
Total Video Clips: 33 Clips.
Total Commercials: 7 ads.
Started Her Singing Career After Participating In The TV. Show Studio Al Fan In 1988, she Became A Professional Singer In 1991.
Nawal Hobbies Are Swimming, Tennis, Reading, Cooking And Shopping.
Arab Stars Most Liked Are, Omar El Sharif And Adel Emam .
International Stars Most Liked Are, Julia Roberts, Ricky Martin And Jenfir Lopez
Nawal loves Chinese and Italian Food.
Nawal loves The Sunshine.
Nawal Goal is to become An International Singer.

Biography prepared by: Dany Tedmori